Using our knowledge and skills honed over many years, we have helped new and established brands develop their licensing opportunities.

We create a range of compelling well-designed licensed products that are manufactured to a very high standard. We have managed and produced some very successful campaigns, through having a deep understanding of what products will have strong consumer appeal. Our management team have, over many years, developed relationships with brand owners, manufacturers, and retailers, ensuring that, in every case, they derive clear, measurable benefits from participating in a well-managed licensing campaign. We know about brands – we have worked with some of the World’s biggest, including:

Why Licensing?

The use of licensing as a marketing and brand extension tool has grown significantly over the last 40 years. A well-managed, well-executed and clearly communicated licensing relationship can bring benefits to all parties concerned, namely the licensor, the licensee, their suppliers and retailers, and ultimately, the consumer.

Each of these parties has its own vision and values that adds significant equity to the final product or service. To maximise the outcome, each participant in the licensing process has certain responsibilities to fulfil. Every agreement between the licensing parties is unique in its requirements and the responsibilities of each vary in accordance with the level of their involvement.

The Licensor

There are many reasons for an intellectual property rights owner to grant a license. The most obvious one is to generate revenue from the negotiated royalty payments, although licensing deals can also serve a number of other purposes, such as brand extension or product promotion.

In many cases, these supplementary reasons can be important because of the increased PR and marketing activity support for the core business.

In summary, licensing represents a way to move a brand into new businesses without making a major investment in new manufacturing processes, machinery or facilities.

The Licensee

The licensee in effect leases the rights to a legally protected entity, such as a brand name and logo, a likeness, a signature, a graphic or a combination of IPR, but they do not, at any time, share ownership in it. The most obvious benefit to a Licensee is that he can call on his industry contacts, manufacturers and service providers to help develop the licensing plan.

It can take huge amounts of money to build a brand from scratch, and licensing represents a way for a licensee and their partners to take advantage of all the brand building and image building that has gone on before. In taking on a license, a licensee takes on a financial obligation, and also stringently adheres to the pre-determined agreements with the contract.

The major risk to the licensee is financial, even if the products do make it to market, there is no certainty at all that they will do well, no matter what property a manufacturer chooses.

Licensing Services

  •  Strategic planning.
  • Due diligence.
  • Creative.
  • Product development, design, sourcing (retail/wholesale).
  • PR & below the line campaign.
  • Retailer contact and information program.
  • Financial analysis, reporting & royalties.

Once a licensing agreement is in place we work very closely with the licensor to create a bespoke merchandising range which is then developed for retail purposes.

We guarantee to act at all times in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner.

The BIG Licensing Model

The basic definition of trademark licensing is straightforward. A licensor (Brand Owner) enters into a legal agreement through which a licensee (Agent) who leases the rights to a legally protected piece of intellectual property, for use in conjunction with a product or service.
The licensing model highlights how each party can realise income from the relationship which, once the terms are agreed, becomes a marketing and brand extension tool.
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